Apply to type for us


We are looking for experienced medical transcribers to join our team and type dictated letters and notes for medical practitioners.

If you are interested then please click on the button below, do not email or phone us separately.

DICT8 provides medical transcription services to the NHS and private practitioners. Our service allows them to outsource their medical transcription. They dictate their letters in the normal way, and we provide them with typed documents that are sent to them securely, ready for printing and posting

Benefits for transcribers

  • You can manage your own work-flow: you decide how much transcription you wish to undertake- you are paid on a per line of transcription basis. You can also decide when you want to work and when you want to take time off. There is no minimum or maximum amount that you have to do.

  • You would work from home: all that you need is a PC or Mac and an Internet connection.

  • As you remain a self-employed contractor you can do our transcription in conjunction with, or instead of, any other employment that you may have. It can provide you with either a main source of income or supplement your existing pay.

How it works

  • The Doctor dictates as usual into a supplied dictation machine.

  • The dictation machine is synchronised with the Doctor's PC, which uploads the file to the DICT8 server.

  • The transcriber views a list of available work on the system through their web browser, and picks an available task

  • The task is transcribed using the web browser to both listen to and type up the task.

  • The Doctor or his secretary can download and print-out the document

  • The transcriber invoices DICT8 Ltd. on a monthly basis for the transcription work that they have done.

The application process

  • First, you will need to fill in the online form, accessed by clicking on the button below

  • Once we have received it, you should receive an emailed response within 24 hours (during the working week). Please do not contact us by email or telephone to check that we have received the form until a couple of days have elapsed.

  • Note that we only accept applications from experienced medical secretaries– if you have not had extensive medical transcription experience in the NHS then please do not apply. We will also require a reference from either a consultant or line manager within a Trust.

  • If we decide to progress your application then we will require a written reference from a line manager or consultant within your Trust. It may be worthwhile organising this now in order to avoid any delays.

  • In order to use the system you will need to have an internet connected PC or Mac. You do not need to install anything on your computer, and you do not need a transcription kit or footpedal, although you can use a footpedal if you wish.

I started working for Dict8 in my spare time in December 2009, giving up my full time role as Medical Secretary to work full time from home around seven years' ago. I have never regretted my decision. I am able to work as and when I please, take my holidays whenever I choose, and although yes at times it can be hard to motivate myself, the wages that I can earn in such a short space of time means I am able to have that two hour lunch break if needed!

After my dreadful commute to work (across the corridor) I sit in my PJs and type tasks within my specialities, and by lunch time on most days I will have earned more than I would doing a full day's work in a busy, stuffy office environment, but with far less stress. I set myself a target for the day, and when I've hit it, I'm done. That could be as easily as 2pm, leaving me to enjoy the rest of the day with my family. Quite simply it suits my life perfectly.


I have had the pleasure of working for Dict8 for 6 years. I discovered home transcribing was a great way to work, as allows you to have a flexible home/work life balance, this has allowed me to prioritise my time at home with the family and still earn a good salary (average monthly salary £1000, average hourly salary £14), this is alongside working part-time as a medical secretary.

Dict8 expect extremely high standards of work in order to keep their clients happy, so regular feedback is supplied to transcribers from proof readers. This is really helpful as being a medical secretary for 30 years, there are often changes to transcript/drugs etc. that we are unaware of, however, this is always brought to your attention. Also is always great to receive the positive feedback on the standard of work submitted, keeps you focused on producing high quality work.

The software is extremely user friendly and there is always a team on hand to support you if you have any queries.

Payments to transcribers are monthly and prompt.

Great company to work for 😊