We are the leading provider of UK based medical transcription and digital dictation workflow services. Our systems are used by a large number of Trusts, GP surgeries, private practices and other healthcare organisations around the UK.


UK Based

We understand that medical typing isn't easy so we provide a UK Based Medical Transcription service. No work goes offshore.

All of our transcribers have significant experience of working as full time medical secretaries in NHS Trusts, resulting in a secure, high quality service. More...

the service

The DICT8 service is easy to use- we fit in with your existing processes and don’t expect you to change to fit with us!

Our system is entirely cloud based and is therefore easy and quick to implement without a significant IT installation project.  More...



Join the more than 80 Trusts and 30,000 people who have used DICT8!

The system has a number of benefits for NHS Trusts including a significant reduction in the turnaround time of clinical correspondence whilst reducing the cost and improving the efficiency and transparency of this critical function. More...


The DICT8 medical transcription system complies with NHS security features- we would not be in so many Trusts if it didn't! 

Security and Information Governance is at the core of all that we do. We are GDPR ready, ISO27001 accredited, utilise the IG toolkit and on the HSCN. More...


We have provided our systems to a wide range of Trusts, GPs, private practices and other healthcare organisations around the UK since 2004.

Our customers can attest to the quality of service that they have received over the years. More...


TYpe for us

We are always looking for experienced medical secretaries to join our team of over 3,000.

If you have been working as an audio medical secretary within the NHS for several years then please click here

On this site you can also find out about the hidden costs of medical typing and the reasons why having your letters typed by an experienced UK-based medical secretary is better than voice recognition.