Workflow Management


The DICT8 workflow management system offers a fully secure digital dictation workflow management solution in the cloud. This means that it can be implemented very quickly without installation on your PCs- it works from within your browser.

A demonstration of some of the functionality can be seen here.

Your staff should be able to type work internally and/or choose to outsource work for external typing from a single interface, ensuring that work is only outsourced when you need it to be to ensure that internal typing resources are used to their maximum capability and are not duplicated. The DICT8 system achieves this by enabling managers to move work between different internal secretaries either manually or automatically and only triggering outsourcing when doing so will ensure that turnaround targets are achieved.

Cloud based

The DICT8 workflow management system is entirely web based. This means that it works through your web browser and can be accessed from anywhere. It is, of course, highly secure and is being used by a number of Trusts around the country.

As a result you can be up and running immediately and there is no IT project involved in implementing the system. This can be particularly helpful where it is being rolled out to multiple sites.

Easy to use and adaptable interface

The interface has evolved as a result of our 12 years of experience in the provision of such systems to the NHS. It is easy to use and you only see what you need to see on the screen. We can tailor the interface to each particular users’s permission levels and requirements.

Clinic Lists

There is full clinic list functionality built into the system enabling  users to create and update clinic lists (including the ability to import them from PAS). This also allows the clinicians to dictate directly against a clinic list and for secretaries and administrators to track the progress of dictations and typed letters and notes against clinics.

Simple creation and editing of workflows

We have made it very easy for your users to create and edit workflows and permissions using a graphical drag and drop interface- you can see it working here.

Management and Auditing functions

The system has comprehensive auditing and management information functionality built in. You can read more about this here.

Everything in one place

One of the greatest advantage of using the DICT8 workflow management solution is that it is a total solution in a single package. It provides a full workflow management system to the user with the added benefit of an on demand UK based outsourced transcription service. This will help you to achieve turnaround targets for clinic letters whilst ensuring that costs are kept under control and that all internal resources are used to their full capacity.

Cost effective solution

There are no up-front software or installation costs when using the DICT8 workflow system (the only cost would be that of dictation equipment or foot-pedals if required). We charge monthly on a per secretary user basis, and, if you are using our outsourced transcription service an adequate amount, the system is free of charge.