Video demos

The best way to understand a system is to see it working. We have created a range of videos to help with this...


A general introduction to the DICT8 system

This is a general introduction to what we do at DICT8 and will let you see what the interface looks like.

Workflow Management

The DICT8 workflow management system offers a fully secure digital dictation workflow management solution in the cloud. This means that it can be implemented very quickly without installation on your PCs- it works from within your browser.

This video gives you an overview of how you can use it within your clinic or department and distribute work to your secretaries more efficiently.

Configuring the DICT8 digital dictation workflow management system

The DICT8 workflow system is highly configurable- without requiring a degree in computer sciences to do so!

The simple drag and drop graphical interface is showcased in this video- it will show you everything that you need to configure workflows in a couple of minutes.

Auditing and reporting on the DICT8 system

It is essential that any system that you put in place is auditable and transparent.

The DICT8 system provides the customer-side manager with a range of web-based tools enabling real-time auditing of task through-put.

They are showcased in this video.