Private Practice


There are a large number of private practices and healthcare companies benefiting from the DICT8 service.

Administrative benefits

  • A significant reduction in the turnaround time of typing increasing administrative efficiency.
  • A significant reduction in the cost of dictation, approximately 50%,  will often be achievable.
  • Dictation will no longer be a fixed cost to your business- it will become a variable one.
  • DICT8 utilises the skills of experienced UK based transcribers- this can lead to a reduction in the error rates
  • Reduction of managerial pressure to find adequate secretarial coverage to cover sick days.
  • Reduce temporary staff costs.
  • Allow secretarial resources to be diverted to more of an organisational/PA role- enable them to concentrate on billing and appointments.
  • A secure system that complies with Caldicot, NHS guidelines, e-GIF and the Data Protection Act.
  • Extremely low impact on IT systems due to the system being browser based- the system can be up and running quickly: without IT integration issues.
  • Keep costs under control using our administrative logins functions and cost-capping facilities.

Doctor benefits

  • Reduction in turnaround time will enable the doctor to actually remember the consultation when signing the letter.
  • Very little change in working practices for staff- hence no retraining required.
  • Simple easy to use interface which works from within your web browser so that you are up and running quickly.
  • You can dictate straight from your iPhone or Android device- there is no need to buy a dictation machine.

Patient benefits

  • A major unnecessary delay in healthcare will be significantly reduced if not eradicated.

If you are interested in discovering more about DICT8's Medical Transcription Outsourcing solution then please contact Dr. Michael Urdang on