NHS Budget Cuts- How we can help

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Budget cuts are an issue that we can help with

The transcription of letters and patient notes is a significant budgetary issue for all Trusts. It is an essential service (you have no choice but to generate a letter or note for each clinical interaction) but one that is responsible for a significant part of the departmental budget.

The departmental medical secretaries are often working at full capacity and it is rarely possible to reduce headcount and achieve targeted turnaround times for clinical correspondence: indeed most Trusts have to use expensive temporary staff in order to hit those targets.

However use of DICT8’s UK based medical transcription service can solve these issues. Outsourcing transcription enables movement away from large numbers of band-4 medical secretaries being used inefficiently as well as completely cutting out expensive bank and temporary staff.

On average DICT8 provides a 60% reduction in the cost of medical transcription over existing costs as well as transforming fixed into variable costs.

There is no initial set-up cost (unless you need to purchase digital dictation machines), monthly minimums or standing fees- you only pay for the transcription that you put through; and you can put through as little or as much work as you require- you keep control.