NHS Benefits


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The DICT8 system has a number of benefits for NHS Trusts

 Hospital benefits

  • A significant reduction in the turnaround time of dictation tasks from several weeks to just a few hours: increasing administrative efficiency within departments and aiding the attainment of star ratings.
  • A significant reduction in the cost of typing - approximately 50% - will often be achievable. There are many hidden costs in typing within a hospital.
  • Little to no start-up costs.
  • Management can audit workflows and usage through their own administrative interface that allows them to see what is happening at any time and control cost.
  • DICT8 utilises the skills of experienced UK based transcribers - this can lead to a reduction in the error rates suffered by many Trusts.
  • Reduction of managerial pressure to find adequate secretarial coverage, as older secretaries retire and to cover sick days.
  • Reduce temporary staff costs.
  • Transfer fixed administrative overheads to a variable cost.
  • Allow secretarial resources to be diverted to more of an organisational/PA role.
  • Established system already in use by other Trusts.
  • A secure system that complies with NHS guidelines and the Data Protection Act. We are on the HSCN, which replaced the N3, and are accredited to ISO 27001
  • Extremely low impact on Trust IT systems due to the system being browser based - you can start using the system quickly without IT problems.
  • Straightforward integration with existing PAS systems (if required) to enable automatic saving of letters and notes to the patient record and population of letters with addresses etc.
  • Workflow management system to enable all of the typing, whether internal or external, to be done from one interface.

 Doctor benefits

  • Reduction in turnaround time will enable the doctor to actually remember the consultation when signing the letter.
  • Easy to use interface that works with MS Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  • Very little change in working practices for staff - hence no retraining required.If you are interested in discovering more about DICT8's Medical Transcription Outsourcing solution then please contact Dr. Michael Urdang on murdang@dict8.com or contact our sales department.