Management auditing & information


The DICT8 system provides you with extensive real time management information and auditing functions

It is essential that any system that you put in place is auditable and transparent so that you can:

  • Ensure that work is of a consistently high standard
  • Keep costs under control through real time assessment of current billing levels
  • Audit doctor usage of the system and their relevant productivity levels
  • Reduce time spent by management in compiling and analysing data regarding system and departmental performance

The DICT8 system provides the customer-side manager with a range of web-based tools enabling real-time auditing of task through-put. These tools include:

  • Full details of current billing levels, including full breakdowns: enabling managers to see what they are paying instantly.
  • Tables showing the current status and line usage of each transcription on the system in real-time
  • If enabled: the ability to view, and listen to, every dictation and transcription currently on the system
  • The ability to retrieve transcripts that have already been downloaded by doctors (where the doctor has subsequently lost the transcript).
  • A breakdown of system usage and line-usage on a doctor by doctor and overall account basis

Besides the real-time dashboard auditing tools we also provide a report manager tool. This enables you to configure and schedule bespoke reports for you and your staff. The following is a small selection of what these can include:

  • Charts showing throughput on a departmental basis over time.
  • Breakdown of usage by doctors and by departments in terms of both overall volume and quantity of separate letters.
  • Cost of work put through over the period on a departmental basis.
  • Average Turnaround times by department / specialty.
  • Details of any transcripts that are awaiting download by your staff.

We can produce bespoke reporting and analytics for you so that you keep control over the implementation of medical transcription in your organisation.

We provide managers with ultra-aid: a consistently high level of support, where you are given a personal customer relationship manager who will seek to solve any issues that you may have as quickly as possible. We aim to have all day to day issues escalated and dealt with in under two hours from initial contact.