The DICT8 service has been built in such a way that it may easily be integrated into either digital dictation workflow systems or PAS/EPR systems.

Integration of the DICT8 outsourcing service into a digital dictation workflow system provides you with a total solution enabling you to utilise the existing capacity of your medical secretaries alongside the flexibility and scalability (and cost saving) that an outsourced product provides.

As well as offering a full cloud based digital dictation workflow management system DICT8 can interface with digital dictation workflow systems including those from Winscribe and BigHand.

This enables the user to have a single system through which all transcription work is routed, whether in house or outsourced to DICT8. The manager (or other designated user or users) can then choose to route work to DICT8 either manually or automatically (if, for example, it has been waiting to have been transcribed by an internal typist for over 48 hours). The transcript is then returned by DICT8 to the common dictation workflow mangement system automatically.

Using this type of system will enable you to have what is effectively an additional 'super secretary' with an almost limitless capacity working from within your existing system that may be called upon when (and if) you want.

EPR / PAS Integration

We can provide a two-way connection to the Trustʼs PAS, enabling both the population of documents with patient demographics and the storage of letters within the EPR. We have an HSCN connection for this purpose.

We have successfully implemented integrations with a variety of PAS / EPR systems around the country and would be delighted to discuss this further with your IT specialist.