GP Practices & Clinics


DICT8’s transcription solution can bring significant benefits to Practices and clinics of all sizes.

The system provides you with a full digital dictation workflow management solution, which allows you to both type work within your practice and outsource work to DICT8 (if you so desire).

Most GP's practices and independent clinics have enough staff for their day to day medical typing needs, however if any of those staff members are off sick, or on holiday, then they can encounter significant issues in respect of producing letters and notes. Whilst the traditional way of dealing with this has been to either take on agency staff or load the staff member's workload onto other secretaries, we offer a cost-effective and, more importantly, extremely flexible alternative.

Typing within the practice

We provide you with a full digital dictation workflow management system, which has a number of advantages over traditional tape-based systems:

  • You can monitor and route transcription work to your own secretaries and ensure that your secretarial resources are fully utilised.
  • The system is web-based (and highly secure) so you can be up and running quickly and without having to install any new software on your own systems.
  • The DICT8 solution is simple to use and allows you to set up and manage multiple complex workflows with a drag-and-drop graphical interface - no complex programming required!
  • A full clinic list system sits at the front of the workflow so as to ensure that all patient interactions are reported on and can be tracked.
  • There is no set-up charge, and, if you use the DICT8 medical transcription outsourcing service more than a certain amount each month, it is a free service. If you choose to use it as a standalone system without using the DICT8 outsourcing service to cover backlogs and staff leave then there may be a small monthly charge.
  • The DICT8 system offers full reporting and auditing of every single piece of work that you put through it as well as of every interaction that your users have with the system.

Outsourcing work to DICT8's Transcribers

You can send your medical dictations to us and they will be typed by our experienced, UK-based medical transcribers, who have an average of 11 years' experience of working within the NHS. We also specialty match the work, in order to ensure a consistently high standard, and this has helped us to become the largest supplier of exclusively UK-Based Medical Transcription in the country.

Dictation is done as usual in the practice (albeit on digital as opposed to tape machines- but the look and feel is very similar), sent to us using a secure web-based interface, and then returned to you within a few hours for printing and signing.

We charge you for each line of typing that we do for you. There are no monthly minimums, standing fees or set-up costs (other than the required digital dictation machines unless you already have one). You stay in control of the system and can use it as much or as little as you wish to provide flexible cover at short notice or to help improve efficiency within the practice. It is also worth noting that, as the system is a secure web-based one, it has little impact on existing IT systems and can be up and running almost immediately.

Principle Benefits for the practice

  • Reduction of managerial pressure to find adequate secretarial coverage during leave periods and to cover sick days.
  • Reduce temporary staff costs and over-loading of other staff members.
  • Little to no start-up costs.
  • Management can audit workflows and usage through their own administrative interface that allows them to see what is happening at any time and control cost.
  • DICT8 utilises the skills of experienced UK based transcribers - this can lead to a reduction in the error rates suffered by many Trusts.
  • Allow secretarial resources to be diverted to more of an organisational/PA role.
  • Established system already in use around the country.
  • A secure system that complies with NHS guidelines and the Data Protection Act. We are even on the N3.
  • Extremely low impact on IT systems due to the system being browser based - you can start using the system quickly without IT problems.

Doctor benefits

  • Reduction in turnaround time will enable the doctor to actually remember the consultation when signing the letter.
  • Easy to use interface that works with Internet Explorer and Chrome.
  • Very little change in working practices for staff - hence no retraining required.
  • Can be used with iPhone or Android devices for remote dictation on your phone (and no dictation hardware costs).