Why should you outsource your medical transcription?

hospital administrator teamFinancial Benefits

It is becoming increasingly important for Trusts to reduce their clerical budgets- DICT8 have helped over 50 NHS Trusts to do so over the past few years- please contact us to find out how we can help you to do so.

Reduction in cost of medical transcription

  • In house medical transcription is financially inefficient – Reduction in overall cost of over 60% is often achievable.
  • We can also help you to cut your reliance on expensive temporary agency staff.

Medical Transcription becomes a variable as opposed to fixed cost

  • Due to the fact that you would be paying for transcription as it is needed as opposed to paying staff full-time the budgeted fixed cost becomes a variable one.
  • Improved cost-efficiency on administrative functions.
  • Enables the use of other budgets within the department.

Functional Benefits

Reduce Turnaround times on letters

  • We can reduce turnaround times from days/weeks to hours (our average is 2 hours 34 minutes). This has a significant impact on clinical care.
  • Improvements in clinical care help to achieve targets.¬†Indeed medical transcription outsourcing is often one of the cheapest, quickest and most straight-forward things that can be done to help achieve the 18 week target.
  • Less time is spent by secretaries in dealing with GPs/ patients who are waiting for letters.
  • This enables the Trust to achieve targets that are critical for star ratings.

Reduce need for cover staff

  • When internal secretaries are on annual leave or sick, there is a need to get temps or bank staff in for cover.
  • Cutting out inefficient temp/bank staff provides an instant cost saving. We believe that our costs work out approximately 70% lower than temp staff.

Reduce management pressure to recruit staff

  • This occurs for both cover and full-time staff. This has become increasingly important due to the reduction in medical secretaries that are available in the employment market as fewer enter the profession.
  • Management resources can be allocated to other areas.

Allows internal staff to change roles to more of a PA role

  • Due to the reduction in specialty specific knowledge needed due to typing being outsourced, staff become not only more mobile within the trust (improving efficiency) but it also allows for recruitment of lower pay grade staff in many roles.
  • Reduction in the average pay level for administrative staff. NB. this is in addition to the reduction¬† in overall administrative staff numbers.

Maintain critical functions of staff

  • Experienced medical secretaries provide a clinical safety net that cannot be replicated by voice recognition.
  • Experienced medical secretaries will always be better than voice recognition, or poorly qualified temps, as they will understand the medical context of the dictation and will spot clinical dictation errors and ensure that the letter makes sense- reducing clinical risk.