What you should expect from Medical Transcription

back view of young woman using a computerThe quality of medical transcription services that are available vary greatly, this is mainly due to the large number of offshore ‘call-centre’ type operations. It may therefore be rather difficult to understand what service level can and should be required.

There are two main areas of service that should be expected: Quality and Security:


  • Above all the quality of typing that is provided has to be of a superior standard. The standard that should be expected is that of ‘similar to or better than existing full time medical secretaries within your department‘. Unfortunately this is the area where most medical transcription companies let themselves down. In order to cut costs and provide a cheap service many will send the work off to be typed in call centre style operations in Asia. Whilst this may seem like an effective way of saving money it is a false economy. Medical Transcription is difficult (just ask a medical secretary!) and it requires the typist to have a comprehensive knowledge of the speciality in which they are typing so that they understand the clinical context of what has been dictated. Without this they will not only make errors in the clinical content of the letter but they will also not be able to pick up on and correct / alert you on errors in dictation made by the clinician (an often part of the medical secretary’s role).
  • DICT8 only uses experienced UK based Medical secretaries