Security information

DICT8 SecurityThe DICT8 medical transcription system complies with NHS security features- we would not be in so many Trusts if it didn’t!

  • Compliance with the major NHS requirements: e-GIF, NHS Plan for IT, Caldicott and the Data Protection Act.
  • DICT8 is an ISO27001 (data confidentiality) accredited organisation.
  • DICT8 is one of the few private companies to have an N3 connection.
  • Secure streaming of voice files from a secure server.
  • Transcribers have to sign Non Disclosure Agreements and other security protocols are in place- please see document here
  • Transcribers are experienced in handling sensitive medical information.
  • Patient identification codes reside on doctor’s computers- we do not see them.
  • The DICT8 system does not require the transcriber to save a copy of the work on their own computer.
  • We do not need to put any applications on your systems.
  • 256bit SSL HTTPS file transfer.
  • We do not require any modification of your firewall or anti-virus settings.
  • Transcription does not leave the EU.
  • N3 connection for PAS/EPR connection for full integration.
  • You can download a copy of our security white paper here