Hidden Costs Incurred For In-House Medical Secretaries

Hidden costs of medical secretaries

With the DICT8 service, we only charge you for what we type, so there are no extra hidden charges. This non-variable cost would normally be used as a guideline against the cost of a medical secretary.

Unfortunately the cost of a medical secretary is variable, as there are hidden costs involved.  A list of some of the costs are presented below for your information.

Hidden Costs Incurred For In-House Medical Secretaries:

  1. Salaries
  2. Annual Leave
  3. Sick Leave
  4. Temp Cover
  5. Ongoing Pension Liabilities
  6. Physical Costs i.e. Hospital Space, equipment, consumables.
  7. Maternity Leave
  8. Holiday Pay
  9. Healthcare Schemes
  10. Additional staff bonuses
  11. Congratulatory & Condolence Leave
  12. Training

Also in a hospital environment, secretaries have the added daily interruptions whilst typing up letters etc.

  1. Phones ringing with patient queries
  2. Dealing with queries from doctors and other staff
  3. Finding requested notes and organising appointment lists
  4. Extra admin work
  5. Dealing with work on behalf of unavailable colleagues.